9 Start-ups selected for Roularta MediaTech Accelerator

Roularta Media Group, Duval Union selected 9 start-ups for the Roularta Mediatech Accelerator program. The aim is to combine the best of both worlds with the Roularta Mediatech Accelerator and to create a win-win scenario where start-ups will be helped to achieve sustainable growth. is partner in this innovative program and will be a mentor for the selected startups.

The 9 start-ups are:

Kick-off 16/01
On January 16 the 9 start-ups met each other at a kick-off event at Roularta Media Group. The start-ups receive Media for Equity, Housing & Infrastructure, Knowhow & Experience, a free MediaNet membership, Mentoring, Access to Data & Technology, 25,000 euros of Funding and so much more. They will for instance follow a varied program of training sessions and pitch bars in the next 18 weeks.


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Pitch in Brussels

Pitch in Brussels, powered by

Pitch in Brussels had it’s 10th edition and had an active part as the main sponsor for the event for the first time. A new partnership at a new location, as the notorious Monk café was the place to be for the event this time.

It was inspiring and cosy at the same time. This 10th edition was drenched in the warm atmosphere of the Séparé, the first floor event space of the bar. It was here, in the heart of Brussels’ Xmas market, that 3 promising entrepreneurs had the opportunity to pitch their projects to an attentive audience.

Kick off was served by SHIFT, a CMS for manager and employees of the hospitality/event industry.

Second round was for Pleezme, an app to capture, organize and share all the things you love. This way you remember them when you want to give inspiration to people you want to please.

The last pitching session was for Speakerhub. A platform making it easier for event planners to find suitable, high-quality speakers for their events. Also helping speakers, trainers and moderators to gain more visibility.

It was up to the attendees to vote for the winner of this friendly competition. It was Speakerhub who got the honour to be the king of this edition.

Stay tuned for the 11th edition in January next month. Date to be determined, but surely same place, same inspiration.

Pitch in Brussels: an inspiring evening with great pitches!



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14425308_630679753758313_8037691960327378336_o partners up with Chivas: The Venture to support social entrepreneurship

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Securex and partner up’s partnership with Securex helps entrepreneurs build their business teams up with Securex to help the entrepreneurs with the business side of their project. We help them financially and Securex helps them build their business. It’s a golden combination!

Securex is one of the leading organisations in the BeNeLux when it comes to HR, payroll, insurances, business building,… . We believe it’s vital to partner up with an organisation like Securex to make sure that the entrepreneurs are supported by the best organisations in order to be successful.

Our partnership gives the entrepreneurs some advantages:

  • Free support to register your company and request your tax number

And the choice between:

  • 1 hour free business plan coaching (by a Securex Business Coach), OR
  • A subsidy analysis (an overview of local, regional and national subsidies that you can apply for)

Apply here!  – Or send us an email:

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Roularta MediaTech Incubator will guide young startups through the Roularta MediaTech Accelerator will contribute to the new acceleration program of Roularta Media Group. The Belgian media group will invest its expertise and experience to guide innovative entrepreneurs in the challenging media landscape of tomorrow. Ten media startups will have the opportunity to participate and each will receive 25.000€ in capital funding, 200.000€ in media space, mentorship and coaching in exchange for 5% equity stake. Bart Becks, founder and CEO of, will engage as a guide of the creative media entrepreneurs and will give workshops related to funding, international scaling and building growth organisations. Participants to the program will as such be introduced to the tips and tricks to achieve success in a crowdfunding campaign.

The accelerator is reaching out to established media tech startups who can contribute to the future of the media landscape. Roularta will try to attract innovators with big dreams for the huge potential of digital media. Entrepreneurs who are able to translate their ideas into a profitable business model are welcome to submit their candidacy. Starters can subscribe until December 9th. Afterwards 10 candidates will be selected to go through a 18 week training program.

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The state of Startups in Europe and in the US

2 new reports were published (begin dec-16) – both sharing interesting insights into the world of startups. One is more focussed on the US, the 2nd more on EU. Lessons for everyone !

1. First round capital, one of the most successful and committed seed capital funds in the world, published their yearly state of startups report


First round 2016

2. During the amazing Slush conference in Helsinki, the Atomico investment fund published the State of European Startups ::  Report: state of EU startups

State of EU tech 2016

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European Crowdfunding Network (ECN) : Nov. 3, 2016. Day1.

Read More now a formally approved fundraising site by YouTUbe

Recently, YouTube formally approved 60 crowdfunding platforms to add interactivity to YouTube videos. This allows to engage with viewers and make your videos more interactive.

60 sites globally were approved to be part of this program : (Europe), kickstarters (US), kiva (US) , Kickante (Brazil), Kibidango (Japan), Indiegogo (US), Patreon (US), and most of the leading global fundraising and crowdfunding platforms.


To learn more:

We believe this is a great tool to add more interactivity in your video and engage with your fans.


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Fantastic news for CUBZZ

The fantastic Cubzz project was funded on in January 2016. They raised 103% of their objective of 15.000 €

Since then, quite some progress was made:

Also, there is now a pack available for Sinterklaas/Sint-Nicholas. Please click here to know more and support this fantastic project.



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