now a formally approved fundraising site by YouTUbe

Recently, YouTube formally approved 60 crowdfunding platforms to add interactivity to YouTube videos. This allows to engage with viewers and make your videos more interactive.

60 sites globally were approved to be part of this program : (Europe), kickstarters (US), kiva (US) , Kickante (Brazil), Kibidango (Japan), Indiegogo (US), Patreon (US), and most of the leading global fundraising and crowdfunding platforms.


To learn more:

We believe this is a great tool to add more interactivity in your video and engage with your fans.


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the entrepreneur awards

The Entrepreneur Awards

In het Diamant Center Brussels had op 12 mei 2016, voor een publiek van nagenoeg driehonderd genodigden, de prijsuitreiking plaats van The Entrepreneur Awards of the Year 2016. Dit is een organisatie van TOP MANAGEMENT en ANGEL.ME. Het prestigieuze karakter van de avond werd nog extra benadrukt door de aanwezigheid van Jan Jambon, Vice-premier en Minister van binnenlandse zaken en veiligheid.

Voorafgaand aan de uitreiking van de prijzen, benadrukte de minister de noodzaak aan een sterk ondernemerschap om een antwoord te kunnen bieden aan de uitdagingen waarmee ons land op dit ogenblik wordt geconfronteerd. Hij liet daarbij ook niet na om, in de actuele context, nogmaals te benadrukken dat de introductie van een sterker veiligheidsbeleid de economie moet toelaten zich te presenteren als een dynamische omgeving die een scheppende bron van werkgelegenheid vormt.

De dertig kandidaten presenteerden zich bij een jury met vooraanstaande vertegenwoordigers van de Belgische economische wereld. (voor meer informatie hierover : Tijdens de gala-avond werden van alle geslecteerde kandidaten een video getoond,  waarin de activiteit van hun onderneming en/of de kandidaat werden omschreven.

Alain Renier (oprichter TOP MANAGEMENT)  en Bart Becks
(oprichter ANGEL.ME) benadrukken afsluitend:
“Wij hebben het ondernemerschap in de kijker willen plaatsen door een hulde te brengen aan bestuurders in de categorieën Top Manager, Top Founder en Top Investeerder van het jaar. Het enthousiasme van de kandidaten, de partners en de medewerkers heeft ertoe bijgedragen dat het evenement, dat helemaal was uitverkocht, de beste getuigenis mag worden genoemd dat België over een ongelooflijk talent beschikt en dat de inspanningen die op alle niveaus worden gedaan om het ondernemerschap te promoten, fantastische resultaten opleveren.”

Vele gelukwensen aan iedereen en afspraak volgend jaar voor een nieuwe editie van The Entrepreneur Awards of the Year 2017!

Met vriendelijke groeten,



Au Diamant Centre Brussels, ce 12 mai 2016, a eu lieu, devant près de 300 invités, la remise des prix The Entrepreneur Awards of the Year organisée conjointement par TOP MANAGEMENT et ANGEL.ME.
Cette prestigieuse soirée était rehaussée par la présence du Ministre de l’Intérieur et Vice-Premier Ministre Jan Jambon.
Avant la remise des trophées, il a insisté sur la necesité d’avoir un entreprenariat fort afin de relever les défis qui se présentent à notre pays. Il n’a pas manqué, dans le contexte actuel, de redire tout l’intérêt de la mise en place d’une politique plus sécuritaire permettant à l’économie de présenter un visage à la fois dynamique et créateur d’emplois.
Les 30 candidats qui étaient passés préalablement devant un jury composé de hautes personnalités du monde économique belge (à découvrir sur le site , ont présentés un petit film décrivant les activités de leurs entreprises.

Alain Renier (Fondateur TOP MANAGEMENT) et son équipe et Bart Becks (Fondateur souhaitent conclurent : “Nous voulions mettre en avant l’entreprenariat en célébrant les dirigeants dans les catégories Top Manager, Top Founder et Top Investor de l’année.
L’enthousiasme des candidats, des partenaires et de l’assistance ont contribué à faire de cet événement sold-out la meilleure démonstration que la Belgique a un incroyable talent et que les efforts déployés a tous les niveaux pour promouvoir l’entreprenariat conduisent à de fantastiques résultats! “

Félicitations à tous et rendez-vous l’année prochaine pour une nouvelle édition des The Entrepreneur Awards of the Year !


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Disruptive innovations : welcome or block ?

#AngelSession2: innovating mobility (Uber, Taxis, Minister Mobility, iMinds)

In May 2015, we organised an AngelSessionBXL. These are short evening meetups we started in Brussels, and will now expand to other cities around Belgium.

That evening was very interesting with the following participants: Minister of mobility Pascal Smet, Uber Belgium chief Filip Nuytemans, Taxis Verts (Brussels) chief Jean-Michel Courtoy and Professor Pieter Ballon (iMinds). (see Photo)

It was an intense debate. Very intense.

Looking back – a couple of thing remain on my mind:
1. Brussels is one of the most challenging cities in Europe related to traffic. Brussels has traffic-free central lanes, the rest of the boulevards are constantly blocked (driving a car is becoming a nightmare), the trains are on strike often and the metro-network is averagely developed. This could be the perfect starting point to have an totally re-thought system of transportation. Let’s be honest, it cannot become much worse. When we stayed in LA, the 405 highway had a bad name. But that’s nothing compared to driving from Brussels center to Antwerp center. So why not use this opportunity. Why not re-imagine from the ground up and make Brussels the most modern and innovating city on mobility ?

2. Belgium does not know how to handle disruptive innovation. Over the course of my life, I’ve been confronted with regulatory frameworks. For example: at Skynet (a Belgium-based internet provider), we were confronted from the early days with copyright issues (the begin of the web), with privacy (when things got more mainstream), and when we launched digital tv (Belgacomtv was one of the 1st telco’s in Europe to launch interactive tv) it was immensely complex. But it was still easy, when you compare it to the current complexity in data and disrupted marketplaces.

Being a startup in Europe is somewhat complex, although we shouldn’t exagerate. You all know the challenges of multiple markets, the lower amounts of growth capital available (compared to the US), etc etc. The regulatory complexity is another hurdle.

The regulatory complexity across Europe related to crowdfunding is very unclear as well. (I always seem to be in a regulatory challenged domain :-).
Belgium is one of the more conservative countries, leading to major delays compared to the UK or other markets. Belgium has a limit of 300k€ without a prospectus, UK has a limit of 2M€. It has hindered the development of companies active in the domain, and hence the entire market. Belgium is the lowest per capita crowdfunding market. Fortunately, new legislative initiatives such as a tax shelter for startups, reduced contributions for starters and crowdfunding platform incentives are arriving. Belgium has adopted to the new phenomenon very slow.

When I read today’s (Oct-16-2015) news that the UK government had approved the framework of operations of Uber in UK and declared it legal since its start begin 2012, it came to mind that UK is again leading the way to creating better conditions for innovation. In Belgium, Uberpop just had to stop its service.
Let me be clear : I don’t think Uber should be allowed to do anything it wants. But the experience of Uber is something that creates a totally new expectation. No useless waiting, a friendly atmosphere, no more cash-payments (and discussion with the driver if he ‘wants’ to accept a credit card), etc. But there are laws, and we all need to comply with them.

However, legislation needs to adapt to the realities of modern life. If we like it or not, technology has increased the speed and ease, and has had a positive impact on life (mine at least, although I think we are all trying to control and slow down the speed of life a bit). Why not draft the conditions in which one can operate, instead of saying no to innovation. Why can’t legislation and regulation set the scene ?

Why not, like this UK official indicates, say

“As a government we welcome innovation and we welcome ‘disruptive technology’,” said business secretary Sajid Javid this week. “And I wouldn’t want to see anything done that jeopardies our status as a country that welcomes investment and jobs, and puts consumers first.”

That said, 2 concluding remarks (a son-remark and a plug):

  1. my son, 7 years old, does not see Uber as a taxi-app. He likes the service a lot, and like every other icon on my iPhone homescreen he knows the brand. But he though I could unlock a bike to rent too. Uber is for him a synonym of easy usage of transportation. It could be any brand, but Uber was first.
  2. the next #AngelSessionBXL will be about innovative marketing.
    – Bert Marievoet, country lead of Twitter Belgium
    – the amazing Clo Willaerts who has an exceptional view on marketing
    – insights from the community-driven Mobile Vikings by its chief Viking Hans Similon
    – and perspectives for growth by Golden pages marketing chief Wim Vermeulen.
    Also : we’ll also host again an “AngelStage”, allowing entrepreneurs to pitch their company.

Registration for the AngelSessionBXL of Nov-18 are open now!

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