5 elements to include in a strong campaign

It’s vital that angels who want to support your project get a picture of what the project is about, and who the person behind it is. We often get asked:”what should we include in a project description?”. Ofcourse, this differs a bit per project, but in general having the following 5 elements increase the change for success of a crowdfunding campaign:

1. what is the product or service/ and what is the solution that it is solving ?
2. why is this product or service better than another ?
3. what will you use the amounts for that you raise via crowdfunding ?
4. what is your approach related to sales and marketing ?
5. who are the persons behind the project ?

Some more details:

1. what is the product or service/ and what is the solution that it is solving
Here you would describe also how the production will happen (how, what, by who) and some more technical details.

2. why is this product or service better ?
What is your differentiator ? This can be the project or product, the organisation behind it, the crowd, you, the goal, the location, …
It’s important to find something that will make you stand out.

3. what will you use the amounts for that you raise via crowdfunding ?
You don’t have to explain every detail, but crowdfunding like to know what you will use the crowdfunded money for. How much for production, salaries, cost of sales, etc. Give the general breakout, it’s important to gain trust.

4. what is your approach related to sales and marketing ?
Sales and marketing/communication become increasingly important. What will your approach be to communicate your project. Do you have partners ? Did the press pick it up ? Is the crowd supportive ?

5. who are the persons behind the project ?
It’s vital to give your story of yourself, and possibly your team or partners if this is the case. Crowdfunders ask themselves: who is this person, kan I trust her or him, am I sure to receive the goods, etc
This part is becoming increasingly important, and we noticed so many people have exceptional stories why they do what they do.

Besides the text, it’s vital that your video (having a video increases chances for success with more than 60% !!) communicates the same story. It can be different, but it’s still the same project, isn’t it :-)

Good luck,
let’s make it happen.

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5 reasons to do a crowdfunding campaign

Crowdfunding comes in many shapes and colours. Everyday, people are exposed to new projects who give this form of funding a shot. But what are the reasons for launching a crowdfunding campaign?

(1) Funding
The first reason is obviously to raise money. “Banks don’t care about starters or beginning entrepreneurs” or “I asked my banker for a loan, and he told me the bank does not take any risks regarding starters” is an often hear remark.
So crowdfunding is a different way to find start capital to create your project, initiative or company. The great thing about the internet is that everything becomes reachable. It depends fully on yourself.

(2) Validation
Crowdfunding is also a great way to validate your idea of company. If a campaign that that has few or no support, that’s often an indication that more work needs to be done. Or that few people have trust in it. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea, maybe you need to communicate it better. Or apply a different strategy. Or … maybe the idea is not convincing. That said, if YOU believe in it, it’s ofcourse up to you to just realise your dream.

(3) Feedback
Sometimes, your have a great product or idea, but you don’t know how to communicate, sell or distribute it to customers. Thanks to the direct connections and feedback you receive via the digital channels, you may discover that your product has an unsuspected potential in a foreign country you would perhaps never have thought of in the first place.

(4) Finding partners
Partners like local distributors can also hear about your product through a crowdfunding campaign and get in touch to explore opportunities. When preparing a crowdfunding campaign and later on when running it, project creators will find themselves in a position where they have to explain in clear and simple words their idea and why it is worth being supported. Finding the right angle and the right tone may take several attempts but is crucial for the campaign to succeed, not finding them will often result in a failed campaign. But success or failure, writing down the description and preparing the communication strategy of a campaign is often a process where creators of a project refine and sometimes even question their understanding of it.

(5) Building  a community of fans
Last but not least, preparing and launching a campaign can help create or grow a community of fans that will stay around long after the campaign is over. People that get involved early on in a project develop a particular connection with it and often turn into advocates and evangelists. In other words, every backer of a project is a lot more than just a handful of dollars.

There are many reasons to do crowdfunding. Some campaigns will succeed while others will end up in failure. But, in both cases, there are precious lessons to be learned for the project creators.

We believe that learning from others is about the most precious you can receive via crowdfunding. Even more:

“If you’re now willing to learn, no one can help you. If you’re determined to learn, no one can stop you !”



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